Blockchain – Decentralized Trust (report)


A comprehensive report on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology published in October 2016 in cooperation with Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. The report is written in English, with a foreword and summary in Swedish. The report gives an in-depth account of the history and potential future of blockchain technology. Read the full report here.

Table of Contents

1. What is Blockchain Technology?
1.1 Applications of Blockchains
1.2 Bitcoin and Altcoins
1.3 Public versus Private Blockchains
2. The History and Technology of Blockchain
2.1 Historical Context
2.2 How Blockchain Technology Developed
2.3 Forking and Decision Making
2.4 How Blockchain Technology Works
2.5 The Consensus Algorithm
2.6 Layers on top of Blockchain
3. The Global Blockchain Ecosystem
3.1 Geographical Distribution
3.2 Companies and Organizations
3.3 Banks and Financial Institutions
3.4 Research and Education
4. Blockchain Developments in Sweden
4.1 Companies and Organizations
4.2 Banks and Financial Institutions
4.3 Research and Education
5. Regulatory Barriers and Opportunities
5.1 Criminal Uses of Cryptocurrency
5.2 The Complexity of Blockchain Regulation
5.3 Regulating the Anonymity of Cryptocurrencies
5.4 Transparency and Accountability
5.5 Blockchain Regulations to Date
6. Political and Economical implications
6.1 Lowered Transaction Cost
6.2 Transparency in Society
6.3 Evolving Governance Systems
6.4 The Impact on National Currencies
6.5 Challenges and Risks with Blockchain-Based Systems
7. Future Scenarios
7.1 Digitized Public Sector Scenario
7.2 The Hive Scenario
7.3 The Cooter Scenario
7.4 Reflections Concerning Future Scenarios
8. Policy Measures to Spur Further Innovation
9. Conclusions