A collection of podcasts covering the Bitcoin ecosystem


  1. Let’s Talk Bitcoin!
    A twice weekly show about the ideas, people and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money. This podcast captures many of the most profound discussions about the future of Bitcoin. This is a podcast you don’t want to miss if you are interested in Bitcoin. It has expanded into a media platform hosting several podcasts, written articles, forums and other services. You can chose to follow the original Let’s Talk Bitcoin! show or any combination of the shows and articles hosted here.
    Let's Talk Bitcoin
  2. Epicenter Bitcoin
    Epicenter Bitcoin is a podcast about the technologies, projects & startups driving decentralization and the global cryptocurrency revolution. This podcast is included under the Let’s talk Bitcoin umbrella but deserves a separate recommendation for it’s excellent interviews and discussions with top people in the cryptocurrency space.
    epicenter bitcoin podcast
  3. Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast
    To help you better understand Bitcoin the top people in the Bitcoin industry are interviewed by Trace Mayer for the Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast.

    the bitcoin knowledge podcast