Video introductions

A collection of videos explaining Bitcoin and why it is useful.

  1. A 2 minute overview of the basic features of Bitcoin.
  2. A 20 minute more technical explanation of how Bitcoin works.
  3. A 25 minute speech by Andreas M Antonopoulos explaining how Bitcoin is a
    revolutionary and disruptive technology that can’t be tamed.
  4. A 15 minute TED talk by Bettina Warburg about how blockchains are a new kind
    of institution that can lower uncertainty in human interactions.
  5. A 13 minute TEDx talk by Charles Hoskinson explaining how the blockchain
    technology and Bitcoin can be used to decentralize property rights, land
    deeds, banking, education and much more.
  6. A 31 minute video that explains the short term and long term economic cycles in
    centrally controlled fiat money economies.